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Opening the layers of the Hips Workshop with Becky Thompson

  • Blue Dandelion Yoga 10 Bridge Street, Loft 12 Winsted, CT 06098 (map)

The Hips the "Attics of the Body"...... they hold emotions  & store so much along our journey of life.  Join us for an afternoon of hip opening poses that will work around all angles of our hips. Our everyday activities and the way we move our bodies often contributes to tight hips. Over time, the muscles around the hips can become either tight or overstretched from these daily activities.

This workshop will  be a combination of some still yoga asana & some hip-focused yoga flow. Hip openers help move prana (life force) and encourage the release of tension and stress stored in our hips. We will move through a yoga practice that promotes hip strength and flexibility, helping to unlock negative emotions, promote better posture, and boost our creativity. When we release the muscular tension, old stuck emotions in the hips can be shifted.

If you are looking to loosen up your hips or simply deepen your yoga practice then this workshop is right for you. We will work with props (blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets) to safely deepen the hip stretches. There will be modifications and progressions of poses suitable for anyone with some yoga experience.