The First Step in anything is to Simply Begin.

Yoga & Wellness for the mind, body & heart.


The Studio is located in the beautiful renovated Mad River Lofts.

Loft 12 on the 1st Floor.


Our Philosophy

We are a Yoga Teacher owned studio. We have put so much passion into creating a nurturing space in celebration of community.

The emphasis at Blue Dandelion Yoga Studio is on self-inquiry, self-awareness and learning to listen to the wisdom of your body through Yoga Asana, Movement, Meditation, Pranayama, Massage Therapy, Thai Massage Therapy, Ayurvedic Rejuvenation, Energy Relaxation Work & Reflexology. Our wellness vision is one of cultivating whole-body connection, whole-self strength and mobility as we deepen the relationship to our inner self.

We Intelligently blend proper alignment, cultivating breath as a tool for self-awareness and the encouragement of a safe environment to celebrate life through a compassionate celebration of the body, just as it is at this moment. Uncovering the insight of our true self….in touch with our hearts in harmony and balance.